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Animal-assisted activity

At Cardehumma, Ulla Hukka and her animals work as a team. Animal-assisted therapeutic coaching offers support to people in different circumstances, for example if one wants to discuss their decisions or explore their own life in more depth. Through support one can increase their awareness of things that affect human development and behavior as well as their understanding of the human growth process.

Ulla is an instructor of socio-pedagogical equine and canine-assisted activity, an animal-assisted coach, an instructor of empowering equine-assisted activity (MinD) and a Ihminen tavattavissa therapist. She has also completed training in the basics of empowering photography.

All animals used in animal-assisted activities must enjoy working with people. Cardehumma’s animals are friendly, mild-tempered and calm. However, it is important to take into consideration the basic needs of each species and to assess an animal’s well-being and willingness to cooperate.

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